Friday, July 29, 2016

Are Eccentric Exercises The Best Way To Rehab A Tennis Elbow Injury?

There’s a lot of talk about the idea of using ‘Eccentric Exercise’ in Tennis Elbow rehab – But can one type of muscle contraction be that much more effective in your tendon healing?

Or is the eccentric approach (and the “FlexBar” rubber bar device often used to perform it) just another exercise fad?

(An ‘Eccentric’ contraction is the controlled lengthening of a muscle against resistance – Vs. the ‘Concentric’ contraction, where the muscle shortens.)

Based on several medical studies, there is evidence to back up the idea that Eccentric muscle contractions may (in some cases) be superior to concentric ones when it comes to tendon rehab.

A lot of the buzz around this idea seems to revolve around a single study – A small, but apparently successful study of Tennis Elbow sufferers…

Full article and video on Eccentric Exercise here

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