Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Tennis Elbow Test Your Doctor Probably Won't Give You

If this simple scan can tell how severe your Tennis Elbow injury is – Why won't your Doctor offer you one – And when should you ask for it?

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The Sonogram: A Tennis Elbow Diagnostic Test Your Doctor Won't Give You

If you think you have Tennis Elbow or have been diagnosed by your Doctor, how do you know how severe your injury really is?

Are there any tests that can tell you if the damage to your tendons is mild, moderate, severe – aside from an expensive, inconvenient MRI?

Yes, you may be able to fairly easily and inexpensively get a decently accurate picture of how bad your tendon injury actually is, right in a Doctor's office. (Certainly a lot cheaper and easier than an MRI, anyway!)

But first you need to know about it – You may have to ask for it – The truth is, you might even need to insist on it...

Read the full post on The Sonogram as a Tennis Elbow Diagnostic Test here

Thursday, June 9, 2016

PRP Treatment of Injured Tendons Explained by Sports Medicine Doctor

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Tennis Elbow

In this video, Dr. Brian C. Halpern, a Sports Medicine Doctor at Hospital for Special Surgery, explains the theory of how Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy may help treat injured tendons and other soft tissue injuries, including Tendonitis / Tendinosis, Lateral Epicondylitis, etc...

PRP Treatment Of Injured Tendons Video