Friday, July 27, 2012

Tennis Elbow Treatment [SLIDESHOW]

Tennis Elbow treatment usually means pills, ice, braces and shots - "Symptom Chasing" in reality - But isn't the right treatment the one that actually treats your injury - and not just the pain and other symptoms of it?

This slideshow covers the main points found in my video: "What's The Best Treatment For Tennis Elbow" which you can find here and on my main site: Tennis Elbow treatment

Monday, July 23, 2012

Treatment For Tennis Elbow Tendon Healing

Why do muscles - and especially tendons often take so long to heal?

WHY don't they fully recover from injury - even when you follow the "official" Tennis Elbow treatment advice to the letter?

And why do they so often get re-injured in spite of your best efforts?


The Biggest Myth About Tennis Elbow (Tendon) Healing

To begin with, there's a huge myth about healing we need to dispel - The one that goes,

"IF I give my injury time and rest - it will heal on its own."

Now this may be true when it comes to the mending of broken bones, once they're set and cast - But it's a perilous misconception when applied to the healing of most muscle and tendon injuries!

And Tennis Elbow is certainly a muscle and tendon injury.

  • Time and rest are NOT what's most important...
  • Especially in the middle to latter stages of healing!

So, let's look at how the healing process is supposed to work and discover where it gets stuck, so you'll know what to do to treat your Tennis Elbow to help it heal instead of simply resting, hoping and waiting...

So you can break the vicious Tennis Elbow cycle once and for all - and get back that pain-free strength and confidence in your muscles and tendons as fast as possible.

Best Treatment For Tennis Elbow Muscle Tendon Healing


Tennis Elbow Inflammation Myth Part 2

What is your Tennis Elbow pain coming from?

Inflammation is often falsely blamed, but there are two other sources of tendon pain besides inflammation you need to know about when it comes to understanding what Tennis Elbow is.

Here is the second in a two part series about why inflammation may have NOTHING to do with the burning pain, stiffness and aching in your Tennis Elbow "Tendonitis."

Tennis Elbow And The Inflammation Scam Part Two


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tennis Elbow Tendonitis And The Inflammation Myth

Wondering why your Tennis Elbow keeps flaring up despite all the pills, shots, ice and rest?

Maybe it's because you've been focusing too much on chasing inflammation.


The Tennis Elbow Inflammation Scam

This article and video explains why inflammation isn't the cause, the answer to "What is Tennis Elbow?" or the answer to how to treat it, (despite what the authorities say.)

And why fightning inflammation won't help your healing process, and may even slow your recovery down.

In fact, the "inflammation-chasing approach" is so unfounded, unscientific and irrational it deserves to be labeled a myth - And that's why I call it The InflammaSCAM.

The Tennis Elbow Inflammation Scam

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What If Exercises Make My Tennis Elbow Worse?

Rehab exercises for Tennis Elbow are easy enough to learn - The hard part is knowing when to do them.

If you do those rehab exercises at the right time in your healing process they should definitely help your recovery from your Tennis Elbow Tendonitis...

BUT, if you do them at the wrong time or in the wrong way they can just as easily backfire and:

  • Aggravate your pain,
  • Worsen your Tennis Ebow injury, and...
  • Set you back weeks in your recovery!

Why is that?... Why don't the exercises always "work" the way they're supposed to?

First of all, let’s take a look at the typical advice you tend to get from well-meaning Physical Therapists, trainers and internet personalities about exercises for Tennis Elbow.

You often get one or more of The Three Big Myths:

  1. "Get the inflammation down first!"
  2. "Rest It First For Several Weeks" And/OR...
  3. "Just Do It!” Myth – “No pain, no gain!"

Full Article: Tennis Elbow Exercises: What If They Make It Worse?

For a complete, self-help video program for treating all the muscle and tendon causes of your Tennis Elbow yourself at home visit: Tennis Elbow Classroom

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

The symptoms of Tennis Elbow can vary in intensity from person to person from a mild ache to a raging inferno of burning pain.

What are the symptoms of Tennis Elbow?

The most common symptoms are: