Monday, July 23, 2012

Treatment For Tennis Elbow Tendon Healing

Why do muscles - and especially tendons often take so long to heal?

WHY don't they fully recover from injury - even when you follow the "official" Tennis Elbow treatment advice to the letter?

And why do they so often get re-injured in spite of your best efforts?


The Biggest Myth About Tennis Elbow (Tendon) Healing

To begin with, there's a huge myth about healing we need to dispel - The one that goes,

"IF I give my injury time and rest - it will heal on its own."

Now this may be true when it comes to the mending of broken bones, once they're set and cast - But it's a perilous misconception when applied to the healing of most muscle and tendon injuries!

And Tennis Elbow is certainly a muscle and tendon injury.

  • Time and rest are NOT what's most important...
  • Especially in the middle to latter stages of healing!

So, let's look at how the healing process is supposed to work and discover where it gets stuck, so you'll know what to do to treat your Tennis Elbow to help it heal instead of simply resting, hoping and waiting...

So you can break the vicious Tennis Elbow cycle once and for all - and get back that pain-free strength and confidence in your muscles and tendons as fast as possible.

Best Treatment For Tennis Elbow Muscle Tendon Healing


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