Friday, March 8, 2013

Which Are The Best Exercises For Tennis Elbow?

Best Tennis Elbow Rehab Exercises

To make a complete recovery from your Tennis Elbow, once and for all, you'll need some strengthening exercises as part of your rehab program.

But don't make the mistake of diving in and just starting them all at once. That's been known to be a recipe for re-injury! There's a smarter way to start!

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Video: What Are The Best Exercises For Tennis Elbow?

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Even if you think your injury is fairly minor, you're still dealing with a tendon injury, which by its nature is unpredictable, typically doesn't heal well and easily gets re-injured.

  • Learn the three best exercises for Tennis Elbow,
  • Which one(s) you should start with,
  • And how the "indirect approach" is the best way to "ease into" your rehab.

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