Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Are Eccentrics The Best Exercises For Lateral Epicondylitis?

There’s a lot of talk lately about the benefits of ‘Eccentric Exercise’ in Tennis Elbow rehab – But can one type of muscle contraction be that much better than another?

Are Eccentric Exercises best for Lateral Epicondylitis Rehab?
Lateral Epicondylitis Rehab: Are Eccentric Exercises best?
Or is the eccentric rehab approach just another exercise fad that’s gotten a little too much hype lately?

Full story on rehab with Eccentric Exercise

(An ‘Eccentric’ contraction is simply the controlled lengthening of a muscle against resistance – Picture the lowering of a dumbbell weight in a Biceps curl, for instance.)

Based on several medical studies, there’s definitely evidence to support the idea that performing eccentric muscle contractions may (in certain cases) be superior to concentric ones when it comes to tendon rehabilitation.

This is especially true when it comes to Tendinosis, which most Tennis Elbow cases turn out to be.

A lot of the buzz seems to revolve around a single study – A small, but apparently successful study: Read the full post on Eccentric Exercise

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