Friday, February 15, 2013

Still Resting Your Tennis Elbow?... Why Rest Often Means “Rust”

Is rest really of any use in the treatment of your Tennis Elbow?

Graphic: Treating Tennis Elbow Rest And The RICE Protocol

You'll typically hear how important it is to rest it as much as possible "While it heals" - Or so they say...

But the belief that healing will "just happen" in a nice, orderly fashion while you're resting, hoping and waiting is a major misconception when it comes to tendon injuries like Tennis Elbow.

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And learn why "You should rest it!" is not very useful advice when treating these tendon problems (especially Tendinosis)...

Hopefully before you waste several months resting only to find yourself no better off!

Video: Forget Rest When Treating Your Tennis Elbow

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Exercise And Tennis Elbow Rehab

There are three essential goals of exercise in Tennis Elbow rehabilitation:

  • To strengthen your muscle,
  • To encourage healing of your tendon,
  • And to strengthen that injured tendon

This video examines how exercise is meant to help achieve each of these goals – and where it sometimes falls short!

Graphic: Exercise Goals In Tennis Elbow Rehab

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VIDEO: Goals Of Exercise In Lateral Epicondylitis Rehab