Tennis Elbow 101: A Free Video Course

Tennis Elbow 101: A Free Intro Course To Tennis And Golfers Elbow

Get A Better Perspective On Your Tennis OR Golfer’s Elbow Injury In This Free Introductory Course To Lateral And Medial Epicondylitis

This free, educational video series is for both new Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow sufferers and those still not sure which one they have - Or if they're injured at all (You'll learn how to test, assess and self-diagnose your injury)...

And this free course is also for those who've been struggling with their injuries for months and looking for a better perspective!

Learn more about the Tennis Elbow 101 course here

Here's What You’ll Get Out Of This Free Course:

  • Learn how to test and “diagnose” yourself – Determine, quickly and easily, whether you have Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow…
  • Discover the true nature of your injury – It’s often said to be “Tendonitis” – But discover why it isn't and why "inflammation" is NOT a problem (and what you need to focus on instead),
  • See why the “common wisdom approach” is wrong – And why the “standard treatments” for Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow are completely misdirected and usually a big mistake,
  • Discover a seemingly contradictory alternative treatment strategy – That will surprise you with its logical, sensible approach…

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