Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cortisone Shots: The Biggest Mistake In Treating Tennis Elbow?

In Tennis Elbow treatment, the Cortisone shot is THE quick fix cure, often instantly "erasing" pain, seemingly like magic...

But the big question is at what cost? Full article, video and podcast:

There is a lot of controversy over Corticosterdoids, and for good reason. Medical studies have been demonstrating that there are significant long-term consequences.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Treating Tennis Elbow With Cortisone Shots – More Harm Than Good?

The Cortisone shot is the very definition of the “quick fix” when it comes to treating Tennis Elbow – It can often almost magically "disappear" pain, sometimes giving full relief in the short term. But at what cost...

Video on why Cortisone may not be such a good treatment for Tennis Elbow

Image of Syringe: Cortisone Shots For The Treatment Of Tennis Elbow

Short-Term Tennis Elbow Relief – Long-Term Misery?

Research has clearly shown that the powerful but often fleeting benefits of Cortisone can come with a very high price tag in the form of long-term and sometimes quite serious consequences.

Is the temporary pain relief really worth it? – And does it actually have anything to do with healing your injury?...

(The article and video cites and links to a number of medical studies and papers on Corticosteroid Injection effects - Especially on Tennis Elbow.)

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