Friday, July 31, 2015

Exercises For Golfer’s Elbow Not The #1 Priority?

Why Golfer's Elbow Exercises Are Not The Main Priority For Rehab

When it comes to treating a tendon injury like Golfer's Elbow, why is it that one of the first things we usually hear is: “Better do some rehab exercises for it”

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Breaking All The Golfer's Elbow Treatment Rules!

Breaking All The Golfer's Elbow Treatment Rules!

Why you can not only safely "break all the rules" when it comes to treating your Golfer's Elbow - But why you should, in fact, IGNORE most of those "common wisdom" treatment guidelines!

(And why those recommendations may, unfortunately, do you more harm than good.)

Here's the full post on Golfer's Elbow Treatment Rules

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

NEW Golfer's Elbow Self-Help Video Program

Golfer's Elbow Classroom

How to break your vicious cycle of "Medial Epicondylitis" Elbow Pain at home...

A step-by-step HD video guide – comprised of three therapy techniques, three stretches and three exercises – that will help you finally overcome your Golfer's Elbow – Proactively, by targeting and treating the root of the problem (at last!) in your muscles and tendons...

No more Resting, Hoping And Waiting – And say goodbye to all the pills, ice, bracing, masking and other "symptom chasing!"

Learn More About The New Golfer's Elbow Program Here