Sunday, July 15, 2012

What If Exercises Make My Tennis Elbow Worse?

Rehab exercises for Tennis Elbow are easy enough to learn - The hard part is knowing when to do them.

If you do those rehab exercises at the right time in your healing process they should definitely help your recovery from your Tennis Elbow Tendonitis...

BUT, if you do them at the wrong time or in the wrong way they can just as easily backfire and:

  • Aggravate your pain,
  • Worsen your Tennis Ebow injury, and...
  • Set you back weeks in your recovery!

Why is that?... Why don't the exercises always "work" the way they're supposed to?

First of all, let’s take a look at the typical advice you tend to get from well-meaning Physical Therapists, trainers and internet personalities about exercises for Tennis Elbow.

You often get one or more of The Three Big Myths:

  1. "Get the inflammation down first!"
  2. "Rest It First For Several Weeks" And/OR...
  3. "Just Do It!” Myth – “No pain, no gain!"

Full Article: Tennis Elbow Exercises: What If They Make It Worse?

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