Thursday, November 19, 2015

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections: Are They Effective For Lateral Epicondylitis?

Platelet-Rich Plasma For Tennis Elbow: Does It Work?

Is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy a new Tennis Elbow breakthrough treatment? Or is it an expensive, unproven fad, driven by rock star-athlete publicity and questionable medical studies?

PRP, short for Platelet-Rich Plasma (therapy) is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that uses your own blood, which is drawn just before the procedure.

Your blood is centrifuged to concentrate the platelets in it and then your “platelet-rich plasma” is then injected into your injured tendon(s) to boost or trigger your body’s own healing response (theoretically, anyway.)

It certainly looks like it could be a promising, new approach to stubborn, chronic tendon problems, like Tennis and Golfer's Elbow, but the answer may not be clear just yet...
Full Post About Platelet-Rich Plasma For Treating Lateral Epicondylitis
In the following podcast I discuss the pros and cons of PRP for treating Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow, including whether there’s any evidence PRP is an effective treatment, (based on medical studies) – Whether it’s worth the price – and the pain afterward (also sometimes during the procedure) – And whether there is any other approach to achieving the same goals.

Podcast On PRP And Tennis Elbow

And for more of a headline / “soundbite” view of PRP, see my Storify compilation (below) of some of the stories and studies on PRP and ABI in the last few years attempting to answer the challenging question of whether this promising, new treatment approach works:

Here are at least 10 stories I've posted recently on Platelet-Rich Plasma on my Wordpress Blog

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