Thursday, September 11, 2014

Playing Tennis With Tennis Elbow / Lateral Epicondylitis

Can You Keep Playing Tennis Or Golf If You Have Tennis Elbow?

Is it truly necessary to stop playing tennis or golf when you have Tennis Elbow – Or can you get away with “playing through it” – IF you’re careful?

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And if you do have to take time off from the court or course, when is it safe to start playing again?

The good news is, although it's probably always wiser to take time off, it is entirely possible to keep playing and still recover, with two caveats:
  1. As long as your injury isn't TOO severe, And...
  2. You do the right things to treat it in the process.

5 Key Guidelines If You Want To Continue Playing Tennis Or Golf:

In the spirit of helping you continue to play, this podcast covers 5 key guidelines / tips As well as some suggestions on when you should start playing again – if you need to take time off to rest.

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