Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Exercises To Skip If You Have Wrist Extensor Tendinosis

Here are the most important upper-body strength-training / weight-lifting gym exercises you should consider avoiding, stopping or modifying...

WHILE you’re recovering from a Tennis Elbow / Lateral “Epicondylitis” injury, and potentially for a short time afterward.

(Assuming you’ve decided continuing to work out while you’re recovering is the right thing to do!)

See this post and video first, if you’re not sure:

Should You Continue To Lift Weights If You Have Tennis Elbow?

Here's the short version of the video, "Two Minute Tutorial" -style:

And here's the full article: detailed post with video on this exercise question

This video starts off with some general thoughts on exercising with Tennis Elbow – Followed by:

  • The Barbells Vs Dumbbells question,
  • The basic KINDS of exercise to avoid,
  • And which SPECIFIC Upper-Body Exercises to avoid.

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