Friday, January 17, 2014

Why Isn't My Tennis Elbow Healing?

If you've been in pain a few months or longer without improvement you're probably wondering why your Tennis Elbow hasn't healed by now...

Chances are, you're finding out (to your great frustration!) that you can't just treat your symptoms with drugs, ice, and braces - rest it a while - and expect it to heal, like they tell you...

The Three D's: Why Your Tennis Elbow Hasn't Healed Yet

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In all likelihood, the reason why your Tennis Elbow isn't any better after several months or longer, despite your best efforts, is because of the three D's:
Why Isn't Your Tennis Elbow Healing?
  • Damage to your tendons, 
  • The fact that the damage is usually Degeneration
  • And the Difficulty of reversing that damage!

The correct term for the type of tendon injury damage most chronic Tennis Elbow sufferers have is Tendinosis - NOT Tendonitis.

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