Saturday, January 11, 2014

Smashing The Inflammation Myth Part Two - Evidence Tennis Elbow Is NOT An Inflammatory Injury

Is your Tennis Elbow "Inflamed?" - Probably not - Because that's a medical myth! Here's the proof it's NOT an inflammatory condition, and why the inflammation-fighting treatment approach is a dead end, and may do you more harm than good.

Links to the sources I quoted in the video, and more, can be found in my detailed article here:

The Tennis Elbow Inflammation Myth - Post and Video

Medical researchers have discovered and demonstrated that the vast majority of Tennis Elbow cases do not involve any significant inflammation...

And therefore should no longer be called TendonITIS, EpicondylITIS - Or anything ending with "ITIS" that would suggest an inflammatory condition.

The simple fact is, any time there's injury to tissue, including muscle, tendon, skin and bone, inflammation is the first stage of the healing process - And without it there is no healing.

So the good news is, it's OK! You can stop chasing and fighting inflammation now if you have Tennis Elbow! That's not the road to recovery.

(The video and podcast above is Part TWO) Here's part one of Smashing The Inflammation Myth

Smashing The Inflammation Myth 1

And on YouTube

Which is part of the: "Two-Minute" Tennis Elbow Tutorial Series - [Video Playlist]

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