Thursday, July 24, 2014

Can You Still Do Upper Body Strength Training When You Have Tennis Elbow?

You can certainly continue with your cardio exercise and lower-body work out - Not much controversy about that! - (And it should be helpful to your recovery) - BUT, should you continue to lift weights?

Podcast About Working Out Wisely With Lateral Epicondylitis

Should you continue to do upper-body strength training exercises?
  • What if that injury was caused by weight lifting in the first place?
  • Or it was from playing tennis or golf?
  • How about computer use?...
  • OR heavy physical work?

Do these factors change the answer? Absolutely! Here's my answer in a detailed post with video and the above podcast:

When Is It Okay To Continue Working Out When You Have Tennis Elbow?

And here is the video on this blog

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