Thursday, April 5, 2018

The 3 Key Principles Of Tennis Elbow Rehab Exercise

Are you looking for which exercises to do when you have Tennis Elbow – And which exercises are best?

You're in the right place – But let me ask you this, first: Are you sure it's the right time to begin those exercises?

Because, I have to tell you, there IS a right time and a wrong time to begin your Tennis Elbow rehab exercises!

And I'd to help you avoid the common mistake of starting them at the wrong time – Or in the wrong order, because it can make a huge difference to your healing and recovery!

So, let's talk about three key principles – that you won't likely hear anywhere else:

  • Why Tennis Elbow Rehab Exercises are NOT the top priority – in the beginning of your healing process,

  • How and why starting those Exercises right away often aggravates the injury,

  • WHAT the BEST Exercise to begin your Tennis Elbow rehab IS (when it is time to start)

  • (And why that exercise is NOT actually Wrist Extension)

So, put down those weights, bands or rubber bars for a minute – and let's reconsider this thing.

Because after 15 years of experience in treating Tennis Elbow and coaching people online, I've seen WAY too many people get these 3 things wrong…

(along with all the other treatment mistakes, like taking pills, icing, wearing a brace and getting Cortisone Shots)

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