Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tennis Elbow Treatment: Braces, Splints and Bands

This video describes why braces, bands, splints and other so-called "supports" do not necessarily support Tennis Elbow healing.

Here's why they're not a good treatment for Tennis Elbow Tendonitis despite what the authorities say...

How "Supports" Can Slow Tennis Elbow Healing

Although most medical websites and authorities recommend that you wear some kind of support for a few weeks to help "rest, protect and heal" your Tennis Elbow, the true effect can easily be the opposite - slowing your healing down and delaying your recovery.

Yes it may FEEL better temporarily, but Tennis Elbow is usually not the kind of injury that benefits from being bound up with some kind of restrictive “support” for days or weeks.

Even a rather loose-fitting support can reduce circulation in the area - by compressing your tissues and by restricting your mobility.

Tendons have poor circulation to begin with, and heal slowly enough as it is, without adding to that problem by wearing a restrictive brace (or by icing or taking anti-inflammatories, which both limit circulation.)

The worst thing about them is that these supports tend to encourage the formation of excessive scar tissue as your body tries to heal.

Unless there's evidence of a significant tear, it's much better to:
  1. Keep the area free and mobile,
  2. Allow regular, gentle movement,
  3. And encourage circulation as much as possible
This will do considerable more to encourage healing than treating your Tennis Elbow as if it were a broken bone!

Learn How To Treat And Heal Your Tennis Elbow Permanently

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