Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Avoid These Exercises When You Have Tennis Elbow

Which upper-body exercises should you avoid, stop for the time being or modify when you have a Tennis Elbow injury?

Should you use dumbbells or is it better to use barbells? What about muscle isolation; is it better to do more general exercises and avoid getting too specific?

In this episode, Allen Willette from Tennis Elbow Classroom covers the following strength-training / weight-lifting questions and concerns:

  • General Thoughts On Exercising While You’re Injured
  • Barbells Vs. Dumbbells (And Kettlebells) Does It Matter?
  • Basic Types Or Classes Of Exercise To Avoid – And Why
    • – All-Or-Nothing Exercises
    • – Long-Lever / Extended-Elbow Exercises
    • – Shoulder-Stability-Challenging Exercises, etc.
  • Specific Upper-Body Exercises To Skip – And Why
    • – Reverse Biceps Curls
    • – Deltoid Raises
    • – Cable Exercises
    • – Upright Rows

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