Sunday, December 7, 2014

Avoid Over-Extending Your Elbows In These Yoga Poses

Yoga, Elbow Hypermobility And Tennis Elbow

Is it a good idea to continue practicing Yoga while you're recovering from Tennis Elbow? Yes, it may help you recover!...

But there are poses that could exacerbate your Tennis Elbow if done incorrectly - Be sure to avoid 'Elbow Hyperextension' in your upper-body, weight-bearing poses, like:

  • Downward Dog,
  • Reverse Plank
  • Side Plank
  • Cobra Pose and
  • Camel Pose
Read the full post on Yoga and Elbow Hypermobility here at Tennis Elbow Classroom

I was motivated to write this article by a question from a Tennis Elbow Classroom Member on the wisdom of continuing certain Yoga poses while still in the process of recovering from Tennis Elbow.

My main concern is for those of you who have a tendency toward elbow hypermobility (whether you have Tennis Elbow or not – But especially if you do!)

Avoid Hyperextension In Camel Pose

Be careful to avoid Hyperextending your elbow in 'Ustrasna' - (Especially if you're a Woman with Hypermobile elbow joints)

Side Plank Pose

Avoid Hyperextending your elbow in Side Plank Pose:

Wheel Pose

Watch your elbow alignment when you're doing the Wheel Pose:

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  1. I am really motivated after reading your blog. I have also elbow ache, and I will follow such techniques which you have shared. Dear can you share some fine exercises or online yoga video for relieving elbow pain?