Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Do You Need A Tennis Elbow Brace? Will ANY Support Help Your Tendons Truly HEAL? (The Real Question)

A "Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorial" video on the question of braces, bands, straps and supports for treating Tennis Elbow.

The issue is not whether they can relieve pain - (At least temporarily) - Many treatments, remedies and "cures" can relieve pain and other symptoms.

The real question is: Will wearing a support help your injury HEAL better and faster?

Detailed post with longer video on braces at Tennis Elbow Classroom

Intuitively, because it hurts and you're told it's an injury, it's only natural to believe you should treat it like other injuries...

And to want to protect it by wrapping it up and limiting its movement.

For no other reason than it likely FEELS better when you do.

But this may not be the right course of action when it comes to healing Tennis Elbow.

Do Tennis Elbow Supports Offer Healing Or Merely Pain Relief?

Detailed post with longer video about braces

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