Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why Don't Pro Players Get Tennis Elbow Injuries?

Image of Tennis Player: Pros And Tennis ElbowThe general perception seems to be that professional tennis players don't get Tennis Elbow...

They definitely do - although it does seems to be quite a rare sight, so perhaps the question is:

"Why do pros get Tennis Elbow much less frequently than amateurs do, considering how much tennis they play?"

 VIDEO, Post and Podcast: Do The Pros Get Tennis Elbow?

This is inspired by a question I ran across and aswered on Quora – I thought it would make a great video and podcast.

Video: Do Tennis Pros Get Tennis Elbow?

YouTube link - Video: Tennis Pros And Tennis Elbow

Even if your elbow injury has nothing do with tennis you may still want to take a look. (There's a potentially valuable lesson here.)

For more, including the link to the original Quora question and the downloadable podcast, see the full post at Tennis Elbow Classroom: Article and Podcast on Pros and Tennis Elbow

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