Sunday, July 10, 2016

Selfie Elbow: A ‘New’ Tech Injury That's Really Nothing New?

Selfie Elbow: A Painful, New Injury? - Yes And No!

What is Selfie Elbow? How do you get this quirky injury - And how should you go about treating it?

Is your elbow burning or does it feel like it's going to "get stuck" or fall off from taking so many selfies? (Or just texting on your phone or using your iPad?) You may have an increasingly-common Repetitive Strain Injury, many are starting to call "Selfie Elbow"...

But, clearly, although the term Selfie Elbow is being used to describe what sounds like a "new" injury – (with no shortage of buzz around it, thanks to awareness brought by Hoda Kotb, of NBC's 'Today Show' and's recent story. See below)...

The only thing that's really new about it, is this relatively recent action of holding a phone up and repeatedly snapping selfie pics, which so many people are now "overdoing" that's causing it.

The litany of tech and other repetitive activity injuries is growing as fast as people can become addicted to their new favorite activity or device or. Just to name a few off the top:

  • BlackBerry Thumb
  • Gamer's Wrist
  • iPad "Claw" Hand
  • Text Neck and Texter's Thumb
  • ChuckIt! Elbow or Dog Walker's Elbow (Not technically 'tech' but still a device of sorts)

For the full, detailed look at this "NEW" injury - what it really is and how to treat it, please visit:
Selfie Elbow: A New Kind Of Injury Or Same Old, Same Old?

And for a look at how this Selfie Elbow story started and went viral:

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