Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Inflammation Fallacy - Why Your Tennis Elbow Is Probably Not Inflamed

Inflammation is the biggest fallacy and misconception of all time, when it comes to understanding and treating Tennis Elbow...

And this video is about why you don’t have to chase, treat, or worry about it any longer.

How the "anti-inflammatory approach" of fighting, reducing and "managing" inflammation is a dead end, and may do you more harm than good.

Smashing The Inflammation Myth Podcast

The second video in the: "Two-Minute" Tennis Elbow Tutorial Series - [Video Playlist]

Something else is the problem and causing the pain of Tennis Elbow most of the time, and inflammation, far from being the enemy, is actually a normal stage of the healing process.

BUT that’s only if the injured tissue is actually HEALING…

And that’s exactly what’s NOT happening in most cases of Tennis Elbow…

Here’s my more detailed Article (with Video) on The Tennis Elbow Inflammation Myth

And here's part two - "The Lateral Epicondylitis Inflammation Myth:"

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