Saturday, October 12, 2013

VIDEO: Tennis Elbow Healing - What's Taking So Long?

Some Tennis Elbow injuries seem to only take weeks to heal, while others take months or even years – Why is that? How long is Tennis Elbow "Supposed" to take to heal?

Video, post, podcast on Tennis Elbow healing time

Links To Medical Sites Quoted In The Video:

WebMD says ‘Lateral Epicondylitis’ takes “6-12 months to heal”

Cigna, a big HMO, also says the injury takes “6-12 months, but in some cases, 2 years or longer!”

The National Health Services / U.K. claims that:

“Tennis Elbow is a ‘self-limiting condition’ that often gets better all by itself without treatment, but can persist for over a year”

And there’s also a ‘Patient Information Sheet’ linked to from The British Medical Journal Blog, saying:

“it takes 1-3 Months – but recurrences are common” [no link]

Clearly, there are a wide range of answers to this simple (perhaps not so simple) question of how long it takes to recover from Tennis Elbow.

Even these authoritative medical sites have no definitive, common answer, claiming 1-3 months on the low end, to 2 PLUS years on the high end.

Well, one obvious reason for this disparity is because the injury varies a great deal from case to case.

Another is that the choice of treatment, (if any) also varies a lot from person to person.

Not to mention that healing capacity slows with age.

BUT none of that really gets to the heart of the matter…

Here’s my full article with a second, longer video and podcast with more detail on this challenging question:

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