Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Wear A Brace To Treat Your Tennis Elbow [SLIDESHOW]

Should your Tennis Elbow treatment include a brace or support? In most cases, NO...

Most medical websites and authorities say you should wear a brace, band or support for a few weeks to help "rest, protect and heal your Tennis Elbow."

At first it certainly sounds like a sensible way to treat it, but there are several key reasons why the "experts" are wrong and why treating your elbow this way doesn't help it heal.

This slideshow covers the main points found in my video: "How Braces Can Delay Your Recovery!" which you can find here

And for a complete, self-help video program for treating all the muscle and tendon causes of your Tennis Elbow yourself at home visit: Tennis Elbow Classroom


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