Monday, August 20, 2012

About Tennis Elbow: Tendonitis Or TendinOSIS?

If Tennis Elbow is just an irritated, inflamed tendon at your elbow "Tendonitis" - or even a minor tendon tear - WHY doesn't it get better with a little ice, a little rest and a few anti-inflammatories?

This video takes a deeper look at the essence of Tennis Elbow injury - explaining how Tennis Elbow pain is usually TendinOSIS not TendonITIS - And why this is such a crucial factor in choosing the right tendon treatment program.

What is Tennis Elbow? Tendonitis/TendinOSIS: A Deeper Look at Elbow Tendon Pain

Image: Tennis Elbow Tendonitis Or Tendinosis?

Tennis Elbow Is A Different Injury: Think OSIS Not ITIS

The first key to healing your elbow injury and relieving the pain starts with understanding that it's usually NOT the kind of injury it's so often described as.

It's usually not an 'acute' injury - like a cut, tear, sprain, strain or fracture - In other words, it's not a sudden crisis. (Often even if it feels like one!)

What you're usually up against is a sneaky, degenerative condition that creeps up on you very gradually: Tennis Elbow is usually Tendin-OSIS - NOT Tendon-ITIS...

The "OSIS" at the end of Tendinosis means that it's more of a degenerative condition. A gradual breakdown and failure of healing.

So, first of all, forget about this Tendon-ITIS inflammation theory. You can stop worrying about inflamed tendons, because Tennis Elbow is usually not inflammatory.

What's really needed in treating it is not to try and chase the ghost of inflammation away - but to reverse that process of stagnation and degeneration at the root of the problem.

What is Tennis Elbow? Tendonitis/TendinOSIS: A Deeper Look at Elbow Tendon Pain

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