Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tennis Elbow Treatment - Forget The Ice!

If you've had Tennis Elbow longer than ten minutes you've undoubtedly heard that one of the standard treatments for Tennis Elbow is ice therapy - and that this supposedly has something to do with "reducing inflammation"

Well, I'm just going to be blunt here. I'm sick of this myth - It's a bunch of bunk. And here's a video I made to explain why icing is NOT a real Tennis Elbow treatment:

The Tennis Elbow Inflammation Myth

Why does everyone tell you to to treat your Tennis Elbow "inflammation" by icing the heck out of it?

Because inflammation is an obvious, patsy symptom that gets a bad rap - and the medical / pharma complex want's to sell you toxic, anti-inflammatory drugs that eat your stomach lining.

It's an old myth that inflammation is somehow a cause of Tennis Elbow "Tendonitis" - The truth is that's downright impossible because inflammation is actually a stage of the healing process for muscles, tendons and even your skin.

Let me repeat that: Inflammation is part of your healing process. It's the first of three steps.

So, if you fight the inflammation process you're essentially fighting your own healing process!

Yes, there is a time and a place for ice. For example, if you have an 'acute injury' where there's significant trauma and damage, like a sprain.

In that case there can be a lot of swelling from the sudden, dramatic onset of your inflammation process - and that's when you want to ice the area for a day or two in order to reduce the swelling.

Swelling is a "bad" side effect of inflammation. It clogs up your tissues and slows circulation and it makes sense to treat it with ice.

But there is rarely any real swelling with Tennis Elbow!

It's not an 'acute' type of injury - It's a chronic (long term / persistent) type of injury that needs a different approach - especially since tendons are slow to heal.

To Learn More About Tennis Elbow And How To Treat And Heal It Permanently

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